We are a Kolkata-based web design company in kolkata,india , providing new, innovative, affordable digital solutions to businesses who want to grow online. We connect our clients and their brands to a wide audience, thereby creating value through technology. We are connoisseurs of digital innovation and are passionate about designing cutting-edge websites for our clients. We thrive on creativity, interactive experiences and customer relationship. Our services range from brand enhancement through aggressive domain hosting strategies, e-commerce and technology services; media, search and analytics; interface design; content creation and digital marketing. Our aim is to always maximise our clients' business growth potential through strategic, creative and technical innovation. Our clients' business is much more to us than just a concept and a media plan. It is an ocean of love and aspiration, of a dream to grow big and beautiful.

web design company in kolkata,india

Why Choose Us


We focus on Client-Friendly Pricing .

We spend time with clients to understand their business and their ideas .

We value the creative insights of our clients when customising their websites .

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

We give priority to the satisfaction of our clients. Once we are bound in contracts with our clients we try our level best to keep the relationship stronger with our clients. We leave no room for complaints from our clients. We serve them in the best possible way. Our Mission includes

Providing utmost priority to our client’s requirements and specifications.

Furnishing timely delivery of projects.

Maintaining sheer quality of projects.

Assisting our clients with 24X7 support system.

web design company in kolkata,india

Our Vision

With new applications coming into the forefront each day, it is very important that you remain high on the surge in this competitive market. Our specialized and expert team helps our clients to maintain this dignity and distinctiveness in this era of globalization.

We aim at to be an unparalleled and an ace in IT field.

We fixate to stay spruced up with the latest enhanced technologies.

We offer feasible and cost-effective solution.

web design company in kolkata,india

Gautam Das

MBA(IIM,s), BTech (CU), BSc (CU), LLB

Gautam brings with him over eight years of experience in the software product development and service sector. He has an excellent track record of designing user-friendly, attractive and sophisticated web sites as also deploying customised targeted digital strategies for his clients while using their online budget effectively. Gautam places utmost importance on his clients’ results and performances, brands, audience and growth strategy. An experienced and passionate individual, he looks after his clients with personal care and delivers timely customised, client-centric solutions. His clients' businesses have all registered significant gains following his proactive online visibility and site authority strategy. Gautam enjoys the entrepreneurial nature of his work and the freedom it offers to him to keep developing new customised products and services. His unique approach to product development involves a degree of technical proficiency and a high level of creativity. Whether his clients are considering a customised software solution, an attractive, user-friendly and affordable website, brand enhancement, brand placement or digital marketing, he has it all covered. .


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