Cyber Security

India is riding high on the digital front, with more than half a billion internet subscribers. All facets of the economy are technology leveraging for wider scope, comfort and performance. Enterprises' rapid adoption of technology has made mobile banking, on-line shopping, on-line trading and social networking possible. The foundation of these efforts is the government's focus on improving infrastructure to allow affordable Internet access for every Indian. However, as this digital transition progresses, it has the potential to generate major cyber security issues. At the same time, India is well positioned to be an industry center for cybersecurity, serving both global and domestic Indians
Indian cybersecurity technology landscape has already started to generate a promising story with an ecosystem of 175 + software firms. With a growth rate of 60 percent + Y-O-Y of many new age startups, more than 70 percent of these businesses have been founded in the last decade. In view of these trends, the Hon'ble Minister of Electronics & Information Technology has declared Grand Challenge for Cyber Security. This initiative gives impetus to Indian cyber security industry growth and seeks to cultivate start-ups that diversify the market and boost niche and advanced solutions production.
The Cyber Security Grand Challenge is designed to promote a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship by developing the country's core information security capabilities. Participants will participate in 3-stage teams: Concept, Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and Final Product Creation. In the first step, teams will present implementable ideas for addressing defined statements on Cyber Security Problems. Participating teams will be provided with prize money and mentorship over the course of the event. Top 3 teams will earn cumulative INR 2 Cr prize money.
Budding entrepreneurs are encouraged to come forward with their ideas in an opportunity to quickly track their progress, be mentored by the best and win remarkable prizes. Industry leaders are invited to contribute to the national cybersecurity building program and explore a chance to mentor the country's best talent.

Cyber Security
The Grand Challenge for Cyber Security aims to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by developing the country's core cybersecurity capabilities

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