Five Simple ways to get traffic first

One important task is to  get initial traffic on your blog. You may have recruited a great content writer or you're an amazing content writer
but if no one visits your site then there's no point in publishing great content. So keep reading this article until the end and you can find
out the methods that will help you get initial traffic on your website.
Taking advantage  of Facebook Community :
The first source of traffic to receive free website traffic of high quality is Facebook groups. I know you need to remember I already knew this.
And this is absolutely real! Groups on Facebook are not a new phenomenon, they have been around for years.
Still, here's something different. Recently, Facebook is working very hard on Social groups. And the Facebook groups will be the top targets for them even in the coming years. That's why you'll see Facebook community posts everywhere in your news feed, alerts, etc. The Facebook app has actually got a dedicated party page.
Master the Quora :
In case you don't know, Quora is a group of questions-answers where people ask questions and get answers to questions.

It's one of the top 250 websites worldwide, according to Alexa traffic figures. When you're searching for it, there's barely any search question you won't find Quora in the top 10 search results for. While Quora receives billions of free website traffic from Google itself. And instead, there are also other search engines.

Utilize Medium:

Medium is a free blogging site, where blog posts can be written and distributed. And, what's more awesome about Medium is: It's a very high authority site, so if you're writing a high-quality article there, your article will rank very high and get a good chunk of free web traffic.
But that traffic only comes into your medium post. And maybe you're wondering how to redirect this free traffic to your website in order to get free traffic, leads and sales, right? Okay, here you have got to be smart.


The focus is on video marketing. And youTube is leading the internet when it comes to video marketing. After Google, YouTube is the second-most popular website.
So what, guess what?
Google owns YouTube too. More crucially, YouTube is no longer a forum where people can post only their cat videos. Ok, many still do that but the majority
of people use YouTube as a search engine. What does that mean, then? That means you have a golden opportunity to create targeted video content for keywords and customize it for your target keywords.


Pinterest is essentially a platform for image sharing, where you can create pin boards and pin images. Also, they recently introduced the video sharing
feature for a small group of top creators.It is a strong sign once again that videos are the future. But I do have a good news for those who don't want to build video content. For free website traffic, you can simply upload the images and connect to your website. Pinterest has become one of the main referral traffic drivers to one of
my blogs, and Pinterest photos get a fair share of views and clicks.And what's more funny is: I usually spend only 2 to 3 minutes adding pins to Pinterest, which brings about 97 K impressions to me.

Wrapping up:

It's not an easy task to get initial traffic on your blog or website, but with these methods I guarantee you'll get a decent amount of traffic on your site.

I use these techniques and the results are strong. Why not you, I will get the results. So what do you think, go and use those tools.

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Five Simple ways to get traffic first
You'll hear about 5 simple ways to get your brand new website to get initial traffic. These are free methods which allow you to quickly get free website traffic.

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