Google Discover Feed

 9 SEO Tips to Get Your Content Visible in Discover Feed:

  • Publish relevant & high-quality content
  • Include an eye-catching featured image
  • Leverage AMP stories
  • Diversify your content based on expertise
  • Engage with your audience
  • Google must index your web pages in GSC
  • Follow regular SEO best practices
  • Leverage Discover ads
  • Track your traffic from Google Discover news feed

Now, before we dig deeper into these tips, let’s make sure that we understand the Discover feed Google has designed.Google Discover Feed, formerly known as Google Feed, is Google’s take on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

You see, even though Discover feed Google users are not actively searching for what you may have in store for them; crafting high-quality, relevant, and evergreen content will always pay dividends because they are always interesting to the right people – the people who will actually buy your products or use your services. Also, keep in mind that Google loves top-notch content. So, the more you publish high-quality and helpful content, the likely your web pages will rank better in search and get more visibility in Google Discover feed.


Google Discover Feed
Optimising for Google Discover feed is not optimising your content for a regular web search. actively typing search queries on a browser is pieces of content that appear in Discover news feed are not triggered by keywords.

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