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What is Google Maps marketing?

Google Maps Marketing is the method of improving the company's online presence on Google Maps, with the goal of increasing the online exposure of your
company. Google Maps Marketing uses a variety of techniques and methods to help your business become one of the three places on local map packs.

Why is marketing important for Google Maps?

The reason any local business should care about Google Maps ranking is simple: futurebrand exposure. It's no wonder Google is by far the most successful search engine. Yet what exactly on Google Maps? One survey showed that almost 70 per cent of mobile users claim they most commonly use Google Maps. On top of that, more and more of the 3.5 billion searches that go on Google every day are perceived to have local meaning. According to Google, 83 percent of customers in the U.S. who visited a shop said they used internet search before walking into the shop. Thus, any company that is serious about finding itself in this day and age has to use the power behind Google Maps.
What is Google My Business?
Google My Business (GMB) is Google's free platform where local businesses can create a profile that will be advertised across a variety of Google products.
You must make personal contact with your customers during your specified business hours to apply for a GMB profile. This may mean that you've got a brick-and-mortar location where customers come to see you or maybe you're traveling to visit your clients.
How to set up Google My Business
Phase 1: Moveover to Page GMB. Click the "Manage Now" blue button (sure that you are signed into your Google account).

Phase 2: Build your company profile and name the page. Name your new listing and start adding all the essential business details you need. It's important to remember that you should familiarize yourself with Google's guidelines before you build your GMB profile. And don't build spam on GMB, please. Not only does the production of bogus or spammy listings give your future customers a horrible user experience, but it also puts you at risk for fines and suspensions.
And up, let's dive into SEO Google Maps.
Step 3: Provide as much relevant information as possible on your company. Remember all the various kinds of knowledge that I mentioned above? This is when you have them attached to your profile. Profit from this free forum and seek to include as much relevant information as you can. Keep in mind that you want to avoid adding non-relevant GMB categories to your company. You will also try to keep all the contact details on Google My Business correct and make sure it suits the website.
Step 4: Check your profile. Unless this is a brand new account, you'll need to confirm the physical address with a postcard that Google can deliver by mail.
Unless this is a brand new account, you'll need to confirm the physical address with a postcard that Google can deliver by mail. If you report a listing that already exists but is not checked on Google Maps, you might be able to check the profile by email or by phone.

Top Google Maps ranking factors

It's important to have a solid understanding of ranking factors onGoogle Maps before you can expect high- results to be seen. Google Maps marketing is as simple as running Easy Bake Oven, your 7-year-old, once you understand how it works. It's important to bear in mind that the local algorithm functions differently than the organic search algorithm of Google. In this Whiteboard Friday, SEO queen Joy Hawkins is doing a great job describing these algorithmic variations in detail.

How to optimize for Google Maps

Double check that all of your company information is filled outin detail and 100 percent correct to kick off your optimizations. This involves incorporating the various services you may provide, as well as details of those services. Sherri Bonelli has written a full post on optimizing your GMB listing information.
She has done a great job covering this subject, so instead I will concentrate on three more factors which will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time

1. Get more online reviews

Feedback continue to be one of Google Maps 'most critical components for ranking, but the advantage of creatingfurther feedback is not solely for SEO (not a long shot) purposes. Reviews provide a much better user experience.They help create social evidence, control customer perceptions and promote your product or service before you even get in contact with your client. With 82 percent of customers reading online reviews for local businesses, each business owner needs to realize the value and power of feedback. They have been revising the local algorithm heavily

2. Build local links

Links are still one of the largest ranking factors in Google’s algorithm (both in organic ranking and in Google Maps). In fact, building local links is especially important if you want to rank in Google Maps. It’s true that any link that isn’t marked as nofollow will pass “authority”, which will likely help with rankings. However, local links are especially important because they have a much higher probability of driving actual business. One of the best ways to start building local links is to utilize your local relationships around town. Think about other businesses that you work closely with, organizations that you support, or even companies that might qualify as a “shoulder niche”.

3. Fight off GMB spam in the map

This final optimization is less ofa strategy and less of a "optimization." This strategy is effective since, unlike most GMB optimizations, the aim is not to do anything better than your competition, but to eliminate certain competitors who seek to cheat their way to higher ranks. Many of these inscriptions appear genuine at first glance. However, you can easily discern, after about two minutes of observation, that a few are false. Some of them has no website and links to Nerdwallet, others use fake reviews, and some even use fake addresses Now pretend you're DCAP Insurance (an actual company) and you're trying to rank higher on Google Maps.

Google Maps SEO checklist

At this point, you will probably understand how importantit is to complete your Google My Business profile. But that's not all it takes to rank in Google Maps — ranking involves extensive optimization on a number of levels and sometimes there isn't just one magic thing. I developed this Google Maps SEO checklist to help you cover all of your bases, which will help you find different areas for improvement.

Tracking results and GMB analytics

Tracking the results is important in every area of SEOand web marketing and it's no different for Google My Company. You'll find the bulk of your profile analytics in your Google My Company account. This information can be found by logging into your account and selecting "insights" on the far left hand side.
Here's an example of what it looks like for the Google My Company page on Roadside Dental Marketing.

Google Maps rank
There are several different ways to market the mark online for local businesses today. Most of your future clients still use Google to find local businesses near them

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