Google Search Console

Google Sites (Original) Added to Google Webmaster Resources This approach applies only to Google Original Pages.
Test the next method for New Google Pages, below.

Step #1 

Go to console search and  use your Google Account to login.

Step # 2.

Then click on the down arrow on the left sidebar that lists
all of your pages, and click + Add
Step # 3
land. You'll be asked to choose the type of house. Simply pick the prefix URL and paste the URL of your website, and press Start.

Step# 4

You will then be asked by search console to check the ownership of your account. We'll go with verification of the HTML tags from the specified ways. Copy the meta tag for next steps altogether. Don't shut down the window

Step # 5
Open your Google Account in a new window, and press the top-right corner gear icon and press Control Domain.  Google Sites Control Phase
Step # 6
Now scroll down this page and paste the proof tag we copied from the search console into the Google Webmaster Tools section, and press save.

Phase #7

Google  Sites Meta attribute authentication. Now open the Quest Console tab and press  the Verify button on the Ownership Verification list.

Now the search console will check for the tag you have pasted in your document, and this dialog box will be shown until it is completed

Google Search Console
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