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What this update tells me is that Google is relying less on finding quote information from knowledge base sources.

They are working on finding quote information by performing audio analysis. They seem to want to rely less on people updating a knowledge graph, and more on automated programs to crawl content on the web and analyze it and index it.

This does look like they want to scale on a web level without relying upon people to record quotes from design company in kolkata

I am seeing videos at the top of results when I search for quotes from movies, and that have been reported upon in the news. Like President Trump referring to a phone call he had with the leader of Ukraine as a “perfect phone call.”


Note that Google is showing videos as search results for that quote.

I searched for quotes that I knew from history and from Movies. I am seeing those at or near the top of search results in videos with those quotes in them. That isn’t proof Google is using audio from videos as the sources of those quotes, but it isn’t a surprise after seeing how this patent has design company in kolkata

Has Google gotten that much better at understanding what is said in videos and indexing such content? It may be telling us that they have more confidence in how they have indexed video content. I would still recommend making transcripts of any videos that you publish to the web, to be safe in making sure content from a video gets indexed correctly. But it is possible that Google has gotten better at understanding audio in design company in kolkata

This change may be one triggered by an understanding of the intent behind quote searches. When someone searches for a quote, they may care less about who said something, and more interested in watching or hearing them say it. This would be a motivation for making sure that a video appears rank high in search design company in kolkata

Google Searching
Searching for Quotes has shifted at Google with an Updated Continuation Patent.This patent was updated last year (February 2019) with a continuation patent.To protect our intellectual property.

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