How To Get On The First Page Of Google 2020

Google is a powerful platform that helps to obtain information relevant to Google is a powerful platform that helps to obtain information relevant to your search issue, making it easier for you to function.
When a user searches for a subject, they often choose to visit the website that appears on the first page of the search result, so it is important to make the first page of your website come. We've mentioned in this blog, "How to get on Google's first list," which helps learn more knowledge about that.
If the website appears on Google's first search results list, it
will mean you can get more organic traffic on the website.
A SmartInsights report shows Google's position by its clickthrough rates: you earn a clickthrough rate of 36.4 percent for the first
spot, a clickthrough rate of 12.5 percent for the second position, a clickthrough rate of 9.5 percent for the third place.The rate of clicking decreases as your location descends .Google provides featured snippets that allocate top spot to your website, zero spot, making your website exposed by increasing traffic and increasing revenue.
Having the top spot in Google isn't an easy job, you need to make details about the quality of your website's content, it's not about more money than you're spending in your website, just delivering high quality content and fulfilling user requirements. Google runs algorithms for all websites that are written, and they give the role with several factors.
1.  Identify Keywords:
Make use of keywords, make the website available when those keywords are searched. The keyword may be either a single word or a term, the website pages must include a collection of keywords to show the website in the search results. if a user types a keyword in the search box on Google, Google will include a list of websites containing related keyword websites.
2.  Tell Google About Your keywords:
If a user searches for a keyword Google will start searching and list
our related results, Google will store a lot of websites in that inventory.
One significant part of making your website a front page result is
to let Google know about the keywords you use for the website.
The post or article you post on the blog must contain a title over the article which helps Google recognize your page. The meta description lets Google include information about the blog material in plain
terms, so the meta description is required to make the website recognizable by Google.The website's URL must include a domain
name for easy recognition, making the website visible
3.  Focus on Location :
Another aspect that helps make your site rank on the first page is concentrating on location-based searches. The map will have the exact
location with the urban and regional areas.Chennai's Best SEO Freelancer will help the local business rank higher in the top SERP.
If a user searches to view the business near me, Google can search
for a website that includes the location and provide the result of the search.

4.  Mobile Optimisation:

Not only do many people use their laptop to do their search but they do use their smartphones. This is important to customize the websites for mobile searches, Google will recommend the website that adapts all screen sizes. The website must be open, in order to provide a seamless experience for all user groups.

5.  User Experience :

The website must be user friendly and unique in nature,
which improves visitors and lets them return to the website.
If you rate the website higher then you can obtain more traffic for the site. Often write the blog for humans not to recognise you for the sake
of the computer, don't use keywords in the material that make them accessible naturally.The website will contain not only Keywords, but valuable information.

6. Backlinks  :

Backlink is an significant aspect that helps to get more traffic for the website,meaning that if you have high-quality backlinks, there's more likelihood of being listed higher. To know how many backlinks you need to get top place can be calculated using Ahref's Keyword Explorer, they'll determine how much backlink you'll need to reach the top 10 places. Several tools, such as SERP, Ahref's free backlink checker, are available to find the number of backlinks needed for the website.

7. Make Use of Business Listing  :

  • Build a Google My Business listing profile that allows you to be listed by the location-based search choice, provide
    the exact location of the company with geographic mapping data, track, update and optimize them on a regular basis.
  • Google My Market Optimization helps make you available to
    others by searching Google, providing full information in every column.
    A full company profile on the
    website would get 7 times more traffic.
  • Providing a clear name for the website is an
    essential part of building a reputation to draw more visitors.
  • Always have the appropriate contact
    information to get immediately to you.
    If a consumer wants to contact you and you
    can't participate, then customers will give a negative review.
  • Provide testimonials to help customers
    know about company, and develop trust
  • Upload Business images to provide context, which also allows customers
    to know your location, environment, and service you are providing.


During this blog we discussed how to get on Google's first page this
helps users get higher rank, this helps make the website accessible to others.It takes more leads into the website, generating more money and through profits. If Google ranks the website higher, you can support
your website by Google Ads, the website gains more trust.

How To Get On The First Page Of Google 2020
Google is a powerful tool that lets you get useful information for your search subject, making your work easier.

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