Keyword Research

Keyword research means understanding your audience and locating words and phrases that they will use to search for your pages and expect to see on those pages.

We look at information from sources such as Google’s keyword planner to see historically how much traffic certain keywords tend to appear in search results. We also explore how easy or difficult it might be for your pages to rank well and compete for those keywords in search results. Gitsys is a website design company in kolkata.

We will work with you, to try to find the words that your customers are most likely to use to search for what you offer on your site, and expect to see on your pages.

To learn how we can work together, contact me today and tell me more about your business and your site.Website design company in kolkata.

Keyword Research
Finding the right keywords to use on the pages of your site can make the difference between being found on the Web by people interested in what you offer and being invisib.

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