Local SEO in 2020

What is local SEO?
Local SEO is a series of techniques that help to maximize the visibility of a website or eCommerce when searching for relevant information for users based on their current geographic position. In other words, render a company's website which has physical business premises or offers a service in a particular geographical area to be found by potential customers in that region who are searching for services relevant to that sector.That doesn't mean local SEO won't put our website in a more global environment. The aim here is to make sure that the local SEO is more important if the company is actually making its local revenue.
What is local SEO for?

The existence of a company on the Web has become a key factor and one that any company needs to consider, particularly if it wants to achieve its goals in an increasingly dynamic, competitive and global market. Network connectivity has fundamentally improved the way consumers respond to products and companies. Only a decade ago, a customer chose to purchase (or not) a product or service based on the information provided by the products through their promotional campaigns. Now, things have changed: the contact flow is bidirectional.

What benefits does Local SEO have?
If our company doesn't have a service or product that we can sell more internationally, these strategies can help us geolocate our search results and allow us to compete against not only local competition but also, in part, global competition. And, as I explained in the previous paragraph, the aspect of geography and proximity favors the consumer who is conducting a quest ... when competing with other results for top positions. We'll also become more noticeable on Google maps as well
– relevant if the searcher is already in their car!
How to do Local SEO for my website?
Describe the geographical area of influence – essentially where you are willing to work, offer or service Describe our target market and customer persona – for example, the silver-haired expatriate with a second home in Alicante Identify the keywords that best define this operation Choose the keywords that include our location parameters – English plumber Alicante 6th Find and evaluate our competition,Sign in and complete the Google My Business profile to define resources available to the team: time, budget, software, and human staff.




Local SEO in 2020
Local SEO refers to the 'optimization' phase of the web presence to draw more business from specific local searches. These searches do take place

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