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Digital marketing

 A large number of users are available online. Hence rather than spending the business resources in offline marketing, it is better to target them online. And hence, the marketers have come up with this unique concept of digital marketing. It is not an entirely new concept or rocket science. Digital marketing is just a new way of marketing, which includes the internet, mobile phones, and computers. To target a large number of online users, this concept is the best and the way more effective than traditional marketing. In this article, we have included several techniques of online marketing that can help you to stand out from the crowd. All of these techniques are in demand these days and will deliver great results in design comapny in kolkata


The functionality of chatbot has witnessed a rise in 2019. And it will continue to grow in 2020. The customers want instant solutions for their difficulties. The AI-based chatbots can be programmed in such a way that they can resolve the queries of customers in the most effective manner. .website design comapny in kolkata

Satisfy them with your service

Customer service is not a direct part of marketing, but it holds the highest importance in any business. To get repeated sales, you need to be efficient with your customer service. Create the smoothest experience of buying any products or services from you. Be creative and helpful with your customer service. Evaluate each stage of the customer service chain. .website design comapny in kolkata

Be personalized

According to states, 63% of customers get annoyed with the generic advertisements. And for digital marketers, personalization is nothing new. It’s not a buzzword. Show your existing customers & prospects things that they want. Create their experience of consuming your service more productive and personalized. Make your buyers feel a personal connection with your brand. With personalized products suggestion, emails, and ads, there is more chance for the sales to happen. In this age of data, you can track the customer’s likings, interests, habits of behaving with the internet, and several more data. And create the most engaging experience of buying from your design comapny in kolkata

Videos are on the rise

The videos are great drivers of engagement. The attention span of the user is declining. The video has more capability to attract the attention of the user compared to photo & text-based content. Include the video of products on your website. Attract maximum buyers with attractive videos. The search engines also give priority to the page with the videos. Be imaginative with your branded video. Apply your creativity to all the little aspects of it. And more importantly, with video, you can create multiple versions of your content too. You can republish the same content of the video as an article on your website. And you also can publish the audio as the podcast too. The possibilities are endless!!.website design comapny in kolkata

Go strong with SEO & content

If you are into the initial days of business or just starting the business out, you may fall short on funds. At such a critical moment, you may not have extra funds for ads. To drive more traffic on your website, you must have a strong presence over the search engine. Start putting your efforts into SEO. Optimize all the corners of your website according to SEO. And also achieve a better search engine presence by creating better content. Be helpful to your user by your content. Post the consistent blog posts on your website. Create multiple how-to guides, DIY guides, gift ideas, and several more types of content for your users. Updating your website with consistent quality content sends good signals to search engine crawlers. It directly helps you in increasing your search engine rankings.

Refurbish your website

Time to time evaluation of your website is also very crucial. Into the world of web design, everyday something new is arriving. Evaluate your website frequently. Check it for the following aspects.
Is it optimized for SEO?
Is Mobile-friendly?
Are your content copies appealing?
How are the loading speeds?

Is it looking attractive?

Have you found satisfactory answers to all these questions? If not, make the necessary changes to your website. The website load speeds, mobile-friendliness, and content copies directly affect the search engine rankings as well as user engagement. No users like to shop from a website that feels slow, unoptimized, or has the bland content copies. For better user engagement, and rankings, be efficient with all these aspects. website design comapny in kolkata

A strong social presence will be a must

In 2020, to strengthen your trustworthiness with your audience, you must generate a prominent social presence too. Be adequately present on all social media channels. Several buyers these days evaluate the credibility of any brand with their social presence. Create the most engaging content around your business. Trending hashtags, social contests, and giveaways are an excellent way to attract users towards your social media channels. These days, funny content on social media is higher in-demand. Funny videos and memes are trending on social media. Brands such as Amazon & Netflix are also using such content to get maximum user engagement. Understand the mindset of your audience and create your content around design comapny in kolkata

Invest in Ads

The social media penetration across the users is growing. Hence all the social media channels are making their algorithms even tighter. And as a result, the organic reach of content is decreasing. To get an even better social presence, you need to invest in ads. If you can not spend more funds on ads, at least start experimenting with fewer budgets. With such experiments, you will learn about the following things.
Which platforms work best for you?
Which types of ads work best with your audience?
How can you compile your message to connect with your audience through ads?
And several other insights about running ads.
Ads have been proven to be the best and direct source of marketing for your audience. And in the long run, this data will be useful for running your business ads more design comapny in kolkata


All these were a few of the most effective and necessary ways of marketing your website. All these trends will be in demand during 2020. Be effective with them and get the best results out of it. Marketing is the ever-changing field. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative with it. Apply all your creativity into the marketing of your business. And all the very best for your eCommerce venture, and thanks for reading till the end!!.website design comapny in kolkata

Online Marketing Tips
The marketing this year will be different. It’s time to re-evaluate your strategy. Things that have worked in 2019 might not necessarily work in 2020. Marketing is an ever-changing industry. To stay at the top, you need to be always updated and aware of all new strategies.

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