Review Your Business

In the point of view of the buyer, this is a way of ensuring they make the correct decision when making a purchase. But for SMEs, taking the pulse of their market, assessing their success and gaining new customers is a way to do so. It is then a matter of developing a strategy for monitoring and analyzing consumer perceptions spread across the internet.
1. Set up an automated email campaign
Ask your customers to express their opinion right after buying or delivering your service. It is enough to have a easy, email automation that invites the recipient to answer a few questions (or offer a star rating).

2. Send a customer satisfaction questionnaire

If you already have resources that help you understand your customers 'satisfaction levels, why not ask satisfied customers to share their experiences? Australian shoppers are trying to make other consumers 'buying choices simpler.

3. Publish on social media

When you have a presence on social networks,a link to your followers is worth sending. When they have time to click they will have to test you for five minutes!

4. Offer an incentive

Offer a discount to the first few customers who leavean online review, whether it be the initial 10 or 100. Check different kinds of incentives (no need to invest much) to see what works best. It can be a coupon or discount, or free access to your items, depending on your area of operation.

5. Post a call-to-action on your site

Dynamic content helps you to encourage current customers to leave a reviewat the bottom of your homepage or product listing with a simple message. Just your customers see this post, and not all visitors to the site. So you'll gather feedback from people who already know your stuff. Look for a marketing automation product within its application that includes dynamic marketing.

6. Leverage Live Chat 

If your company has a chatbox program built intoits website, you can request a review from customers. At the right time, configure the pop-up chatbot: we're obviously more likely to make a move in a serene moment. For example, Instagram sometimes asks its users to rate the app after an image has been shared on their network.

7. Collect reviews during an event

Should your company take part in the events? Take the opportunity to welcome visitors to your stand who are using your site to assess your company on a tablet or laptop. You can then direct them to your Product Review sites or social media accounts landing page.

8. Print out leaflets

If your company requires a physical location (for example, a cafe or coworking room, or eventhe reception desk), a small card printed with the correct message will subtly draw customers 'attention.

9. Ask your account managers for support

Your sales staff and account managers willrecommend that customers express their views directly. The team knows consumer experience, and may respectfully request a summary.
At the conclusion of agood client call, try requesting clarification. Prepare the links in advance to your related review pages, so you can post them directly afterwards.
While the iron is soft, strike as they say!


10. Make the process as simple as possible

Keep this in mind: the simpler the process, the easier it is for your clients to leave a comment. Include a comparison to your landing page ratings through all touchpoints with your customers.

Review Your Business
No business feels indifferent to customer reviews — especially, small businesses. It is hard not to have an emotional response, either positive or negative.

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