Website CSS Concepts

The main advantage of CSS is that it can define the style for all elements in one spot, for example, it is possible to define in one spot the background color for all website pages, while with HTML we need to define it for each site separately. Other advantages of using CSS are faster uploading, easier editing,  faster development and greater control over the layout.Recognize the main approaches to applying styles: inline, internal, external. External approach: in this approach CSS definitions are located outside the HTML document. This approach makes it possible to separate completely the page content from the layout itself. CSS files are files that contain only CSS definitions and have the extension " CSS ", for example mySite.css. To apply styles listed in a CSS file to an HTML document it is necessary to link them, and we do this by including a CSS file in the

section of an HTML document.Web design

It is necessary to repeat the procedure for each page within a web page. Internal approach: in this case the CSS definitions are not within another file, but are within the HTML file. This way, we only define the specific page style with added CSS definition. We may use this for example when we only want to specify a particular style for only one page. So, all other websites would include external CSS file, in a given page  CSS would be defined within. To define an internal style , style rules must be added in

section within the

Website  CSS Concepts
Understand the term Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), their use and benefits. We use CSS to edit the HTML document's style. It is possible to define elements layout through HTML itself, but the recommendation is to separate the elements definition from the layout definition.

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