Social Media Icon Bar

Add a beautiful row of social media icons of your choice, allowing visitors to easily visit and follow your social media profiles with a single click.


Easily connect your Facebook account and add a Facebook Like or Facebook Share button to encourage Facebook engagement. You can even customize the layout and style of your button.


Connect your Twitter account and add Twitter Follow and Tweet buttons to boost Twitter engagement. Choose your button style with a single click.


Add an Instagram badge, or display your Instagram feed right on your website. Simply connect your Instagram account and watch your engagement flourish.


Easily connect your Pinterest account and place a Pin It button or Pinterest Follow button right on your website.

LinkedIn Card

Connect your LinkedIn account, and display your pertinent LinkedIn details on your website with a LinkedIn Card.

Blog Excerpts

Enable blog excerpts to show summaries or teasers of your blog entries on your main blog page.

Latest Blog Entries

Add a blog feed element on your webpages to display your most-recent blog posts.

Social Media Sharing

Enable social media sharing to allow visitors to easily share your blog posts through Facebook and Twitter.

Easy Search Engine Optimization

Once you've built your awesome website, you'll want people to find it.

Add your domain to Google's search engine

Getting Google to recognize and index your website requires some patience. It may take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for Google to index new websites.

Use our site builder to optimize your website

Our site builder provides you with all of the SEO tools you'll need to help Google properly identify and categorize your website. You can start with these easy tweaks.

Mobile Friendliness

Ever since its April 2015 update, Google is now taking the user's mobile experience into consideration in its search results. This means that when a user is doing a search on a mobile device, Google's search results will favor websites that are mobile friendly over the ones that aren't. If you want to capture that mobile search audience, you will need to have a mobile version of your website in addition to your desktop version.

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