Australia's first COVID-19 vaccine trials to begin

First human trial to begin in Australia on coronavirus vaccine Australian scientists began researching potential vaccines

An Australian doctor has said "no corners were cut" as a clinical trial starts in Brisbane and Melbourne for a coronavirus vaccine.Clinical research firm Nucleus Network is aiming to hire a small group of healthy volunteers who will be infected with some of the surface of the virus.The hopes are this will produce an immune response without transmitting the live virus to the participants. 


The vaccine being trialed is one that has been developed by the United States and is an infectious disease doctor and microbiologist Dr Paul Griffin thinks it looks "very good."Dr. Griffin said Today there is no risk that the trial would result in any illnesses,and he stressed that no corners in the race should be cut to find a cure.
We still need to go through all the stages of clinical testing and we need to make sure it'ssafe and successful before we continue," he said. "We're working hard to do all of this as quickly as possible.There is simply no possibility that can trigger the infection itself... without having the disease, people are safe .


Dr Griffin explained that the clinical trial will consist of three stages; phase one tests a small controlled sample to prove it is safe; stage two will
see the vaccine administered to more people in a "more real-world setting" to see whether it prevents infection; and stage three will test more patients in longer trials.
When all of this works, we're going to put the vaccine out there, "Dr. Griffin said." We've already got four trials in
progress, which basically follow it up after it's in use to make sure there's no unintended adverse effects and it's still working. 

Australia's first COVID-19 vaccine trials to begin

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