Srinagar, March 26 (IANS) In Srinagar, the first COVID-19 death occurred after a patient who had tested positive earlier succumbed to hospital on Thursday.

Doctors said Thursday the 65-year-old COVID-19 positive patient undergoing care at the Srinagar City Chest Diseases Hospital succumbed

"The patient had hypertension, diabetes and obesity problems that awaited him.Today, he succumbed in the early hours," said a senior doctor.The patient was part of a ' Tabligi Jamaat ' (Religious Preachers), who had a history of contact with foreigners before he returned to the valley.

Recently, he had reportedly returned from New Delhi after being part of the ' Tablighi Jamaat ' at which people from Indonesia and Malaysia attended.He had come into touch with some local physicians, nurses, and paramedics before he was admitted to thehospital, in addition to attending a couple of religious congregations in Sopore town in Baramulla district of Kashmiri.Among the many he got in touch with, on Wednesday, four tested positive.And a majority of those he met went into self-quarantine and reported to the medical facility .

After this death, the total number of positive cases of COVID-19 is now 10 in the territory of the union, out of which seven are beingtreated in Srinagar and three in the city of Jammu. The government of Delhi will check all healthcare staff involved in treating positive patients with Coronavirus.

Food home delivery services have been approved, which will be necessary for delivery persons to display their ID cards.Mohalla clinics will continue to operate but with all precautions, says Arvind KejriwalOnline Service Providers / e-retailers offering critical services & products to be allowed to.All essential services shops should stay open 24hours so people don't hurry, says Lt Govern


Coronavirus In Jammu & Kashmir: In addition to attending a couple of religious congregations in Sopore town of Kashmiri's Baramulla districtCoronavirus disease (COVID-19), he had come into touch with some local physicians, nurses and paramedics before he was admitted to hospital.

The illness causes respiratory disease (such as flu) with symptoms like cough, nausea, and trouble breathing in more extreme cases.You should protect yourself by constantly washing your hands, avoiding touching your face and avoiding near contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with the unwell people.

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Coronavirus is a disease caused first by respiratory coronavirus, typical symptoms include low- fever, aches of the body, coughing, nasal congestion

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