Dr. Ashok Kr Mukherjee has some tips for covid19 .

Many talented people are thinking or doing a lot for the country. Simply put, it seems that we need to make the antibody system very suitable, which can fight and dominate this deadly Covid-19  virus and develop the Body Immunity to resist further attack.

Ginger has been scientifically proved to exhibit Antimicrobial activity without hampering helpful Microbe within Metabolic System. Accordingly regular consumption of Ginger with Lemon Tea is bound to develop our Immunity power significantly.

This time the question - what to do with antibody development?


Suggested Tips


1. Regular intake of foods rich in essential antioxidants.

2. Drink Ginger lemon Tea twice a day .

3. Breathing Exercise.

4. Keeping Positive & Pleasing Attitude with strong Social feeling all times.





Prof(Dr) Ashok Kr Mukherjee, M.Sc,FIC (Chartered),MBA, Ph.D Industry-27 yrs & Academics -19 yrs

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