Kolkata Book Fair

Originally, in 1976, only 34 publishers launched the international Kolkata Book Fair (in Bengali: ibid.).Finally it began to exponentially expand.At present, each year the fairreceives more than 2.5 million footfalls.Similarly it has become an important part of Kolkata and its history. A lot of young people come to the fair too. Consumers not only love hoping every stand, buyingtheir favorite author's books but also enjoying food.Consequently many publishers choose to print their books at the Book Fair. Nearly every book-stall gives a minimum discount of 10 percent.

If you're familiar with college lane, though, you may think you'll get a better discount there. Partially real, as certain books would either not be available early or never in college lane. Likewise, magazines like Hangla and others are offering you a really lucrative offer, you just can't skip it. First I'll suggest checking out the bookstalls, write down all the books.Then either contact the street shopkeepers at the collegeor buy from the fair itself according to budget.

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All about the 44th International Fair of Kolkata Books 2020. International Fair of Kolkata Books Achievements.

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