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KOLKATA: The Covid-19 scare caused an increase in demand for masks leading to a shortage that left doctors and health workers who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus and require more protective gear than the rest – with no shield. Coronavirus outbreak live updates Though a mask has turned into a fashion accessory for many, others use it in terror.

Nevertheless, physicians and virologists believe that healthy people don't need amask when they get close to patients or suspects who are Covid-19.A famous Tiktok user was spotted in Kolkata last week
displaying dance movements with his partner, after wearing a mask.They showed it off as an accessory. A couple had also been spotted filming a pre-wedding video wearing mask beside the Hooghly before the lockdown.

"I had just ordered a pack of four cool-looking black masks when the scare for coronavirus had just set in. I keep wearing them when I go out. They look good and while I have read that a healthy person need not wear a mask, it is safer to be safe than sorry, "said Jadavpur resident Soumya Dasgupta.

A mask gives you protection but for many days you can not continue to use it, pulomonologist Raja Dhar pointed out. Masks give people a false sense of comfort, said Arindam Biswas, consultant at the RN Tagire International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS).

"Second, you can't get foolproof protection from all the masks. There's only one N95 mask that can save you. But if you stay home and stick to social distancing, masks would be redundant, "Biswas said.

Most stores did run out of the masks, however. Cashing in on the economy of terror, many businesses that previously produced other goods turned to producing and selling masks. Gopal Stores, a shop that sells flags, started producing and selling disposable face masks. They avoided it in the face of an entire state police force .

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