World will 'wake up to China's problems,' says US Secretary of Defence.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper called on the global community to "wake up to the threats raised by China"

Telling an audience of world leaders and key decision-makers on Saturday that the fears of the United States over coronavirus have infected China.

"We need to wake up, as a global community, to the challenges raised by China's non-accountability of the international, rules-based order," Mark Esper said, adding that corrupted China is now the top concern of the United States. Speaking during a speech at Germany's 2020 Munich Security Conference, Mark said China was top of the Pentagon's list of possible adversaries, followed by Russia and "rogue states" such as North Korea and Iran.

President Trump administration had placed pressure on European allies for a complete ban on Huawei goods, saying China could use the snooping equipment.

Last month, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to follow proposals to allow the Chinese company to develop Britain's 5 G network as part of its country-wide "class" agenda through improved infrastructure. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke at the meeting, refuting reports that the US, under Mr Trump, rejected its traditional position as international leader. "I am pleased to say the transatlantic alliance's demise is massively over-exaggerated," Pompeo said.

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World will 'wake up to China's problems,' says US Secretary of Defence.

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